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We accept most insurance plans!


If you have one of our accepted plans then we simply bill your visit to your insurance accordingly. 

* Medicare * Medicaid * Humana *

* United Healthcare  * Aetna * * Anthem Blue Cross/ Blue Shield *

* WEA * Others * Call for details *

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Direct Pay

Want to pay cash for your visit? It's easy! Our office visit fee is the least expensive we know of!

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Blood Test


Labs drawn on site. However, we have the freedom to use a different lab if you choose! Note that we do not bill you for lab processing. Blood drawn on site goes to Quest Diagnostics Laboratory for processing. Quest will bill your insurance company and send you statement. 

X-Ray Results


Need an x-ray, ultrasound, CT Scan or MRI? Well we work closely with MH Imaging, an independent imaging center owned and operated by the states only triple board certified radiologist. When comparing options MH Imaging offers the best access to imaging bar none. However, we will send you to another facility if  the need arises. 

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Do you have high blood pressure? Palpitations? Tired all the time? Have you had your heart checked with an EKG? If not, we can do that too! Right here in the office. There are many reasons to have an EKG. Come in and we can determine if it is necessary.  The cost is included in your visit fee!

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Coming Soon.



We offer several procedures right here in our clinic including cryotherapy (freezing skin lesions), biopsies, abscess drainage, earwax flushing, in-grown nail removal (partial or total nail removal), foreign body removal.  

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Coming soon! Receive Executive Treatment with our exclusive membership service. This option will include priority access and cover all preventative measures recommended by the Preventative Task Force, the gold standard in evidence-based preventive medicine. More coming soon...

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Depositioin Fees

Dear attorney or attorney's representative. If you are seeking information regarding deposition fees then Click Here.